Commit 9b002b8d authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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(x_report_frame_params): Report top and left

in a way that represents negative offsets correctly.
parent fa25dbbc
......@@ -981,9 +981,22 @@ x_report_frame_params (f, alistptr)
Lisp_Object *alistptr;
char buf[16];
Lisp_Object tem;
/* Represent negative positions (off the top or left screen edge)
in a way that Fmodify_frame_parameters will understand correctly. */
XSETINT (tem, f->display.x->left_pos);
if (f->display.x->left_pos >= 0)
store_in_alist (alistptr, Qleft, tem);
store_in_alist (alistptr, Qleft, Fcons (Qplus, Fcons (tem, Qnil)));
XSETINT (tem, f->display.x->top_pos);
if (f->display.x->top_pos >= 0)
store_in_alist (alistptr, Qtop, tem);
store_in_alist (alistptr, Qtop, Fcons (Qplus, Fcons (tem, Qnil)));
store_in_alist (alistptr, Qleft, make_number (f->display.x->left_pos));
store_in_alist (alistptr, Qtop, make_number (f->display.x->top_pos));
store_in_alist (alistptr, Qborder_width,
make_number (f->display.x->border_width));
store_in_alist (alistptr, Qinternal_border_width,
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