Commit 9b16bc2a authored by Dmitry Gutov's avatar Dmitry Gutov

Stop recognizing :#{} as symbol in ruby-mode

* lisp/progmodes/ruby-mode.el (ruby-font-lock-keywords): Remove
the weird part that recognized colon followed by interpolation
construct without quotes (e.g. ':#{abc}') as symbol, which is just a
syntax error in any modern version of Ruby.  Fix nearby bug reference.
parent 366ec771
......@@ -2188,11 +2188,11 @@ See `font-lock-syntax-table'.")
(2 font-lock-constant-face)
(3 (unless (and (eq (char-before (match-end 3)) ?=)
(eq (char-after (match-end 3)) ?>))
;; bug#18466
;; bug#18644
nil t))
;; Symbols with special characters.
2 font-lock-constant-face)
;; Special globals.
(,(concat "\\$\\(?:[:\"!@;,/\\._><\\$?~=*&`'+0-9]\\|-[0adFiIlpvw]\\|"
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