Commit 9b1d7c34 authored by Vinicius Jose Latorre's avatar Vinicius Jose Latorre
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ps-lpr-switches docstring fix.

parent b541ccb4
2007-11-21 Vinicius Jose Latorre <>
* ps-print.el (ps-lpr-switches): Docstring fix.
(ps-string-list): New fun.
(ps-do-despool): Code fix.
2007-11-21 Juanma Barranquero <>
* w32-fns.el: Undo 2007-11-21 change by Dan Nicolaescu.
......@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@
;; X-URL:
(defconst ps-print-version "6.8.1"
"ps-print.el, v 6.8.1 <2007/11/09 vinicius>
"ps-print.el, v 6.8.1 <2007/11/21 vinicius>
Vinicius's last change version -- this file may have been edited as part of
Emacs without changes to the version number. When reporting bugs, please also
......@@ -1788,7 +1788,28 @@ an explicit filename is given as the last argument."
:group 'ps-print-printer)
(defcustom ps-lpr-switches lpr-switches
"*A list of extra switches to pass to `ps-lpr-command'."
"*List of extra switches to pass to `ps-lpr-command'.
The list element can be:
string it should be an option for `ps-lpr-command' (which see).
For example: \"-o Duplex=DuplexNoTumble\"
symbol it can be a function or variable symbol. If it's a function
symbol, it should be a function with no argument. The result
of the function or the variable value should be a string or a
list of strings.
list the header should be a symbol function and the tail is the
arguments for this function. This function should return a
string or a list of strings.
Any other value is silently ignored.
It is recommended to set `ps-printer-name' (which see) instead of including an
explicit switch on this list.
See `ps-lpr-command'."
:type '(repeat :tag "PostScript lpr Switches"
(choice :menu-tag "PostScript lpr Switch"
:tag "PostScript lpr Switch"
......@@ -6859,10 +6880,23 @@ If FACE is not a valid face name, use default face."
(and (fboundp 'start-process) 0)
(ps-flatten-list ; dynamic evaluation
(mapcar 'ps-eval-switch ps-lpr-switches)))))
(mapcar 'ps-eval-switch ps-lpr-switches))))))
(and ps-razzle-dazzle (message "Printing...done")))
(kill-buffer ps-spool-buffer)))
(defun ps-string-list (arg)
(let (lstr)
(dolist (elm arg)
(cond ((stringp elm)
(setq lstr (cons elm lstr)))
((listp elm)
(let ((s (ps-string-list elm)))
(when s
(setq lstr (cons s lstr)))))
(t ))) ; ignore any other value
(nreverse lstr)))
;; Dynamic evaluation
(defun ps-eval-switch (arg)
(cond ((stringp arg) arg)
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