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Show how to reorder buffers.

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......@@ -646,11 +646,24 @@ begin with a space. The elements are actual buffers, not their names.
"buffer.c" "*Help*" "TAGS")
@end group
@end example
This list is a copy of a list used inside Emacs; modifying it has no
effect on the ordering of buffers.
@end defun
The list that @code{buffer-list} returns is constructed specifically
by @code{buffer-list}; it is not an internal Emacs data structure, and
modifying it has no effect on the order of buffers. If you want to
change the order of buffers in the list, here is an easy way:
(defun reorder-buffer-list (new-list)
(while new-list
(bury-buffer (car new-list))
(setq new-list (cdr new-list))))
@end example
With this method, you can specify any order for the list, but there is
no danger of losing a buffer or adding something that is not a valid
live buffer.
@defun other-buffer &optional buffer visible-ok
This function returns the first buffer in the buffer list other than
@var{buffer}. Usually this is the buffer most recently shown in
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