Commit 9bdbd98e authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa
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(recode-file-name): New function.

parent 527b7890
......@@ -766,6 +766,58 @@ unlike `file-truename'."
(setq newname (expand-file-name tem (file-name-directory newname)))
(setq count (1- count))))
(defun recode-file-name (file coding new-coding &optional ok-if-already-exists)
"Change the encoding of FILE's name from CODING to NEW-CODING.
The value is a new name of FILE.
Signals a `file-already-exists' error if a file of the new name
already exists unless optional third argument OK-IF-ALREADY-EXISTS
is non-nil. A number as third arg means request confirmation if
the new name already exists. This is what happens in interactive
use with M-x."
(let ((default-coding (or file-name-coding-system
(filename (read-file-name "Recode filename: " nil nil t))
from-coding to-coding)
(if (and default-coding
;; We provide the default coding only when it seems that
;; the filename is correctly decoded by the default
;; coding.
(let ((charsets (find-charset-string filename)))
(and (not (memq 'eight-bit-control charsets))
(not (memq 'eight-bit-graphic charsets)))))
(setq from-coding (read-coding-system
(format "Recode filename %s from (default %s): "
filename default-coding)
(setq from-coding (read-coding-system
(format "Recode filename %s from: " filename))))
;; We provide the default coding only when a user is going to
;; change the encoding not from the default coding.
(if (eq from-coding default-coding)
(setq to-coding (read-coding-system
(format "Recode filename %s from %s to: "
filename from-coding)))
(setq to-coding (read-coding-system
(format "Recode filename %s from %s to (default %s): "
filename from-coding default-coding)
(list filename from-coding to-coding)))
(let* ((default-coding (or file-name-coding-system
;; FILE should have been decoded by DEFAULT-CODING.
(encoded (encode-coding-string file default-coding))
(newname (decode-coding-string encoded coding))
(new-encoded (encode-coding-string newname new-coding))
;; Suppress further encoding.
(file-name-coding-system nil)
(default-file-name-coding-system nil)
(locale-coding-system nil))
(rename-file encoded new-encoded ok-if-already-exists)
(defun switch-to-buffer-other-window (buffer &optional norecord)
"Select buffer BUFFER in another window.
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