Commit 9be191c9 authored by Erik Naggum's avatar Erik Naggum
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(Fset_marker): Harmonize arguments with documentation.

parent 86a3ca5e
......@@ -72,13 +72,13 @@ DEFUN ("marker-position", Fmarker_position, Smarker_position, 1, 1, 0,
DEFUN ("set-marker", Fset_marker, Sset_marker, 2, 3, 0,
"Position MARKER before character number NUMBER in BUFFER.\n\
"Position MARKER before character number POSITION in BUFFER.\n\
BUFFER defaults to the current buffer.\n\
If NUMBER is nil, makes marker point nowhere.\n\
If POSITION is nil, makes marker point nowhere.\n\
Then it no longer slows down editing in any buffer.\n\
Returns MARKER.")
(marker, pos, buffer)
Lisp_Object marker, pos, buffer;
(marker, position, buffer)
Lisp_Object marker, position, buffer;
register int charno;
register struct buffer *b;
......@@ -87,14 +87,14 @@ Returns MARKER.")
CHECK_MARKER (marker, 0);
/* If position is nil or a marker that points nowhere,
make this marker point nowhere. */
if (NILP (pos)
|| (MARKERP (pos) && !XMARKER (pos)->buffer))
if (NILP (position)
|| (MARKERP (position) && !XMARKER (position)->buffer))
unchain_marker (marker);
return marker;
if (NILP (buffer))
b = current_buffer;
......@@ -109,7 +109,7 @@ Returns MARKER.")
charno = XINT (pos);
charno = XINT (position);
m = XMARKER (marker);
if (charno < BUF_BEG (b))
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