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Small NEWS edits

* etc/NEWS: Mention erc-desktop-notifications.
Remove empty section "New Modes and Packages" (all covered elsewhere).

* etc/GNUS-NEWS: Mention gnus-notifications.
parent ef7238c3
......@@ -9,6 +9,9 @@ For older news, see Gnus info node "New Features".
* New features
** New package `gnus-notifications.el' can send notifications when you
receive new messages.
** If you have the "tnef" program installed, Gnus will display ms-tnef
files, aka "winmail.dat".
......@@ -686,12 +686,6 @@ inefficiency, and not namespace-clean.
*** cust-print.el
* New Modes and Packages in Emacs 24.3
FIXME? erc-desktop-notifications.el, gv.el, profiler.el,
gnus-notifications.el, mm-archive.el
* Incompatible Lisp Changes in Emacs 24.3
......@@ -1608,6 +1602,9 @@ The standard directory local variables feature replaces it.
** ERC changes
*** New package `erc-desktop-notifications.el', which can send a notification
when you receive a private message or your nickname is mentioned.
*** New options `erc-autojoin-timing' and `erc-autojoin-delay',
controlling attempts to autojoin a channel.
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