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Update doc-string of display-buffer-alist.

parent ff2bc410
......@@ -3792,6 +3792,14 @@ supported:
- t to strongly dedicate the window to the buffer.
A cons cell whose car is `other-window-means-other-frame' and
whose cdr is non-nil means that you want calls of
`display-buffer' with the second argument t or the symbol
`other-window' to display the buffer in another frame. This
means, for example, that you prefer functions like
`find-file-other-window' or `switch-to-buffer-other-window' to
make a new frame instead of a new window on the selected frame.
Usually, applications are free to override the specifiers of
`display-buffer-alist' by passing their own specifiers as second
argument of `display-buffer'. For every `display-buffer-alist'
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