Commit 9c06a1f3 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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(Fexpand_file_name): Fix last change.

parent 6d557778
......@@ -1064,6 +1064,7 @@ See also the function `substitute-in-file-name'. */)
int length;
Lisp_Object handler, result;
int multibyte;
Lisp_Object hdir;
......@@ -1385,8 +1386,12 @@ See also the function `substitute-in-file-name'. */)
/* egetenv may return a unibyte string, which will bite us since
we expect the directory to be multibyte. */
tem = string_to_multibyte (build_string (newdir));
newdir = SDATA (tem);
tem = build_string (newdir);
hdir = DECODE_FILE (tem);
newdir = SDATA (hdir);
#ifdef DOS_NT
collapse_newdir = 0;
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