Commit 9c106b25 authored by Christopher Zaborsky's avatar Christopher Zaborsky

Dox fix.

parent db32c193
......@@ -916,7 +916,7 @@ Useful if you accidentally suspend the top-level process."
;;; This is pretty stupid about strings. It decides we're in a string
;;; if there's a quote on both sides of point on the current line.
(defun comint-extract-string ()
"Returns string around point that starts the current line or nil."
"Returns string around POINT that starts the current line or nil."
(let* ((point (point))
(bol (progn (beginning-of-line) (point)))
......@@ -1052,7 +1052,7 @@ comint-dynamic-complete."
(defun comint-dynamic-complete ()
"Dynamically complete the filename at point.
This function is similar to comint-replace-by-expanded-filename, except
This function is similar to `comint-replace-by-expanded-filename', except
that it won't change parts of the filename already entered in the buffer;
it just adds completion characters to the end of the filename."
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