Commit 9c3da604 authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann

(display_buffer_reuse_frames): New variable.

(Fdisplay_buffer): If display_buffer_reuse_frames is set, reuse
frames displaying BUFFER.
(syms_of_window): Define Lisp variable
parent c1848a97
......@@ -126,6 +126,10 @@ int pop_up_windows;
int pop_up_frames;
/* Nonzero means reuse existing frames for displaying buffers. */
int display_buffer_reuse_frames;
/* Non-nil means use this function instead of default */
Lisp_Object Vpop_up_frame_function;
......@@ -2724,6 +2728,8 @@ unless the window is the selected window and the optional second\n\
argument NOT-THIS-WINDOW is non-nil (interactively, with prefix arg).\n\
If `pop-up-frames' is non-nil, make a new frame if no window shows BUFFER.\n\
Returns the window displaying BUFFER.\n\
If `display-reuse-frames' is non-nil, and another frame is currently\n\
displaying BUFFER, then simply raise that frame.\n\
The variables `special-display-buffer-names', `special-display-regexps',\n\
`same-window-buffer-names', and `same-window-regexps' customize how certain\n\
......@@ -2735,7 +2741,7 @@ If FRAME is t, search all frames.\n\
If FRAME is a frame, search only that frame.\n\
If FRAME is nil, search only the selected frame\n\
(actually the last nonminibuffer frame),\n\
unless `pop-up-frames' is non-nil,\n\
unless `pop-up-frames' or `display-reuse-frames' is non-nil,\n\
which means search visible and iconified frames.")
(buffer, not_this_window, frame)
register Lisp_Object buffer, not_this_window, frame;
......@@ -2766,21 +2772,22 @@ If FRAME is nil, search only the selected frame\n\
/* If pop_up_frames,
/* If the user wants pop-up-frames or display-reuse-frames, then
look for a window showing BUFFER on any visible or iconified frame.
Otherwise search only the current frame. */
if (! NILP (frame))
tem = frame;
else if (pop_up_frames || last_nonminibuf_frame == 0)
else if (pop_up_frames
|| display_buffer_reuse_frames
|| last_nonminibuf_frame == 0)
XSETFRAME (tem, last_nonminibuf_frame);
window = Fget_buffer_window (buffer, tem);
if (!NILP (window)
&& (NILP (not_this_window) || !EQ (window, selected_window)))
return display_buffer_1 (window);
return display_buffer_1 (window);
/* Certain buffer names get special handling. */
if (!NILP (Vspecial_display_function) && NILP (swp))
......@@ -5364,6 +5371,11 @@ work using this function.");
"*Non-nil means `display-buffer' should make a separate frame.");
pop_up_frames = 0;
DEFVAR_BOOL ("display-buffer-reuse-frames", &display_buffer_reuse_frames,
"*Non-nil means `display-buffer' should reuse frames.
If the buffer in question is already displayed in a frame, raise that frame.");
display_buffer_reuse_frames = 0;
DEFVAR_LISP ("pop-up-frame-function", &Vpop_up_frame_function,
"Function to call to handle automatic new frame creation.\n\
It is called with no arguments and should return a newly created frame.\n\
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