Commit 9c49d3d7 authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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(display_text_line): Clear out redisplay_end_trigger

before calling the functions.
parent f21b7e24
......@@ -2740,9 +2740,12 @@ display_text_line (w, start, vpos, hpos, taboffset)
args[0] = Qredisplay_end_trigger_functions;
XSETWINDOW (args[1], w);
XSETINT (args[2], e_t_h);
Frun_hook_with_args (3, args);
/* Since we are *trying* to run these functions,
don't try to run them again, even if they get an error. */
w->redisplay_end_trigger = Qnil;
Frun_hook_with_args (3, args);
e_t_h = ZV;
/* Notice if it changed the face of this character. */
next_face_change = pos;
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