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Merge from origin/emacs-29

b3814b43 (ruby-ts--predefined-variables): Fix the $` and $' entries
db02cbdf * lisp/find-dired.el (find-dired-with-command): Quote fin...
2343a067 Generalize vc-pull-and-push to support more backends (bug...
846838db Add test suite for sgml-html-meta-auto-coding-function
0fb90f52 Fix decoding HTML files from archives
c854ef7a ; Fix last change (bug#60556).
8e83604d Avoid crashes in batch Emacs sub-processes on MS-Windows
808e101f Tweak BSD style indentation (bug#60984)
204519a2 Fix typo of exposed symbol name
9296e0c6 Fix typo after move to common lib (bug#61001)
e74ba72a ruby-ts-mode: Fix two additional cases with ruby-method-c...
ae7e28a4 ruby-mode.el: Expand some docstrings with examples
89cb3c3f Minor fixes for Haiku
6adc193a Move c-like common utils into own library (bug#60961)

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#	lisp/progmodes/typescript-ts-mode.el
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