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Removed some doubly-deleted, commented out stuff from cl.texi

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......@@ -5085,25 +5085,12 @@ invoking the definition previously recorded by @code{defsetf}
or @code{define-setf-method}. The result is a list of five
values as described above. You can use this function to build
your own @code{cl-incf}-like modify macros.
@c These no longer exist.
@c (Actually, it is better to use the internal functions
@c @code{cl-setf-do-modify} and @code{cl-setf-do-store}, which are a bit
@c easier to use and which also do a number of optimizations; consult the
@c source code for the @code{cl-incf} function for a simple example.)
The argument @var{env} specifies the ``environment'' to be
passed on to @code{macroexpand} if @code{get-setf-method} should
need to expand a macro in @var{place}. It should come from
an @code{&environment} argument to the macro or setf-method
that called @code{get-setf-method}.
@c FIXME No longer true.
See also the source code for the setf-method for
@c Also @code{apply}, but that is commented out.
@code{substring}, which works by calling @code{get-setf-method} on a
simpler case, then massaging the result.
@end defun
@end ignore
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