Commit 9ca6c34d authored by Jay Belanger's avatar Jay Belanger
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(calc-embed-arg): New variable.

(calc-do-embedded-activate, calc-embedded-activate-formula)
(calc-embedded-edit, calc-do-embedded-activate)
(calc-embedded-make-info): Use new variable in place of undeclared variable.
parent 1565a620
......@@ -192,8 +192,15 @@
(defvar calc-embed-top)
(defvar calc-embed-bot)
;; The variable calc-embed-arg is local to calc-do-embedded,
;; calc-embedded-update-formula, calc-embedded-edit and
;; calc-do-embedded-activate, but is used by
;; calc-embedded-make-info, which is called by the above
;; functions.
(defvar calc-embed-arg)
(defvar calc-embedded-quiet nil)
(defun calc-do-embedded (arg end obeg oend)
(defun calc-do-embedded (calc-embed-arg end obeg oend)
(if calc-embedded-info
;; Turn embedded mode off or switch to a new buffer.
......@@ -237,7 +244,7 @@
(calc-embedded nil)))
(calc-embedded arg end obeg oend)))
(calc-embedded calc-embed-arg end obeg oend)))
;; Turn embedded mode on.
......@@ -250,7 +257,8 @@
(or calc-embedded-globals
(setq info (calc-embedded-make-info (point) nil t arg end obeg oend))
(setq info
(calc-embedded-make-info (point) nil t calc-embed-arg end obeg oend))
(if (eq (car-safe (aref info 8)) 'error)
(setq calc-embedded-original-modes nil)
......@@ -311,13 +319,13 @@
(calc-select-part 2)))
(defun calc-embedded-update-formula (arg)
(defun calc-embedded-update-formula (calc-embed-arg)
(interactive "P")
(if arg
(if calc-embed-arg
(let ((entry (assq (current-buffer) calc-embedded-active)))
(while (setq entry (cdr entry))
(and (eq (car-safe (aref (car entry) 8)) 'calcFunc-evalto)
(or (not (consp arg))
(or (not (consp calc-embed-arg))
(and (<= (aref (car entry) 2) (region-beginning))
(>= (aref (car entry) 3) (region-end))))
......@@ -337,9 +345,9 @@
(goto-char (+ (aref info 4) pt))))))))
(defun calc-embedded-edit (arg)
(defun calc-embedded-edit (calc-embed-arg)
(interactive "P")
(let ((info (calc-embedded-make-info (point) nil t arg))
(let ((info (calc-embedded-make-info (point) nil t calc-embed-arg))
(if (eq (car-safe (aref info 8)) 'error)
......@@ -374,12 +382,12 @@
(aset info 8 val)
(calc-embedded-update info 14 t t))))
(defun calc-do-embedded-activate (arg cbuf)
(defun calc-do-embedded-activate (calc-embed-arg cbuf)
(if arg
(if calc-embed-arg
(if (< (prefix-numeric-value arg) 0)
(if (< (prefix-numeric-value calc-embed-arg) 0)
(message "Deactivating %s for Calc Embedded mode" (buffer-name))
(message "Activating %s for Calc Embedded mode..." (buffer-name))
......@@ -802,13 +810,13 @@ The command \\[yank] can retrieve it from there."
(if (and (integerp calc-embed-top) (not calc-embed-bot))
; started with a user-supplied argument
(if (= (setq arg (prefix-numeric-value arg)) 0)
(if (= (setq calc-embed-arg (prefix-numeric-value calc-embed-arg)) 0)
(aset info 2 (copy-marker (region-beginning)))
(aset info 3 (copy-marker (region-end))))
(aset info (if (> arg 0) 2 3) (point-marker))
(forward-line arg)
(aset info (if (> arg 0) 3 2) (point-marker)))
(aset info (if (> calc-embed-arg 0) 2 3) (point-marker))
(forward-line calc-embed-arg)
(aset info (if (> calc-embed-arg 0) 3 2) (point-marker)))
(aset info 4 (copy-marker (aref info 2)))
(aset info 5 (copy-marker (aref info 3))))
(if (aref info 4)
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