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(non-windowed) mode of operation is most useful if you have a telnet
server on your machine, allowing you to run Emacs remotely.
* Image support
Emacs has built in support for XBM and PPM/PGM/PBM images, and the
libXpm library is bundled, providing XPM support (required for color
toolbar icons and splash screen).
Emacs can also support some other image formats with appropriate
libraries. These libraries are all available as part of GTK, or from Emacs will find them if the directory they
are installed in is on the PATH.
PNG: requires the PNG reference library 1.2 or later, which will
be named libpng13d.dll, libpng13.dll, libpng12d.dll, libpng12.dll
or libpng.dll. LibPNG requires zlib, which should come from the same
source as you got libpng.
JPEG: requires the Independant JPEG Group's libjpeg 6b or later,
which will be called jpeg62.dll, libjpeg.dll, jpeg-62.dll or jpeg.dll.
TIFF: requires libTIFF 3.0 or later, which will be called libtiff3.dll
or libtiff.dll.
GIF: requires libungif or giflib 4.1 or later, which will be
called giflib4.dll, libungif4.dll or libungif.dll.
* Uninstalling Emacs
If you should need to uninstall Emacs, simply delete all the files and
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