Commit 9ce67baa authored by Stephen Gildea's avatar Stephen Gildea

time-stamp: add support for time zone numeric offset

* time-stamp.el: Implement %:z as expanding to the numeric time zone
offset, to address the feature request of bug#32931.  Do not document it
yet, to discourage compatibility problems in mixed Emacs 26 and Emacs 27
environments.  Documentation will be added in a subsequent release at
least two years later.  (We cannot yet use %z for numeric time zone
because in Emacs 26 it was documented to do something else.)

* time-stamp-tests.el (time-stamp-test-format-time-zone): expand this
test and break it into two tests, time-stamp-test-format-time-zone-name
and time-stamp-test-format-time-zone-offset.
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......@@ -570,11 +570,13 @@ and all `time-stamp-format' compatibility."
(string-to-number (time-stamp--format "%Y" time)))))
((eq cur-char ?Y) ;4-digit year
(string-to-number (time-stamp--format "%Y" time)))
((eq cur-char ?z) ;time zone lower case
((eq cur-char ?z) ;time zone offset
(if change-case
"" ;discourage %z variations
(time-stamp--format "%#Z" time)))
((eq cur-char ?Z)
(if alt-form
(time-stamp--format "%z" time)
(time-stamp--format "%#Z" time)))) ;backward compat, will change
((eq cur-char ?Z) ;time zone name
(if change-case
(time-stamp--format "%#Z" time)
(time-stamp--format "%Z" time)))
......@@ -299,18 +299,33 @@
(should (equal (time-stamp-string "%w" ref-time2) "5"))
(should (equal (time-stamp-string "%w" ref-time3) "0"))))
(ert-deftest time-stamp-test-format-time-zone ()
"Test time-stamp formats for time zone."
(ert-deftest time-stamp-test-format-time-zone-name ()
"Test time-stamp format %Z."
(let ((UTC-abbr (format-time-string "%Z" ref-time1 t))
(utc-abbr (format-time-string "%#Z" ref-time1 t)))
;; implemented and documented since 1995
(should (equal (time-stamp-string "%Z" ref-time1) UTC-abbr))
;; documented 1995-2019
(should (equal (time-stamp-string "%z" ref-time1) utc-abbr))
;; implemented since 1997, documented since 2019
(should (equal (time-stamp-string "%#Z" ref-time1) utc-abbr)))))
(ert-deftest time-stamp-test-format-time-zone-offset ()
"Test time-stamp format %z."
;; documented 1995-2019, will change
(should (equal (time-stamp-string "%z" ref-time1)
(format-time-string "%#Z" ref-time1 t)))
;; undocumented, changed in 2019
(should (equal (time-stamp-string "%:z" ref-time1) "+0000"))
(should (equal (time-stamp-string "%:7z" ref-time1) " +0000"))
(should (equal (time-stamp-string "%:07z" ref-time1) " +0000"))
(let ((time-stamp-time-zone "PST8"))
(should (equal (time-stamp-string "%:z" ref-time1) "-0800")))
(let ((time-stamp-time-zone "HST10"))
(should (equal (time-stamp-string "%:z" ref-time1) "-1000")))
(let ((time-stamp-time-zone "CET-1"))
(should (equal (time-stamp-string "%:z" ref-time1) "+0100")))))
(ert-deftest time-stamp-test-format-non-date-conversions ()
"Test time-stamp formats for non-date items."
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