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(Special Isearch): Document M-TAB is isearch.

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......@@ -247,11 +247,21 @@ where @var{im} is the mnemonic of the active input method. Any input
method you enable during incremental search remains enabled in the
current buffer afterwards.
@kbd{M-%} typed in incremental search invokes @code{query-replace}
@kindex M-% @r{(Incremental search)}
Typing @kbd{M-%} in incremental search invokes @code{query-replace}
or @code{query-replace-regexp} (depending on search mode) with the
current search string used as the string to replace. @xref{Query
@kindex M-TAB @r{(Incremental search)}
Typing @kbd{M-@key{TAB}} in incremental search invokes
@code{isearch-complete}, which attempts to complete the search string
using the search ring as a list of completion alternatives.
@xref{Completion}. In many operating systems, the @kbd{M-@key{TAB}}
key sequence is captured by the window manager; you then need to
rebind @code{isearch-complete} to another key sequence if you want to
use it (@pxref{Rebinding}).
@vindex isearch-mode-map
When incremental search is active, you can type @kbd{C-h C-h} to
access interactive help options, including a list of special
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