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(General Variables): Change Numbered Backups xref to Backup Names.

(Initial Options): Document renamed variable inhibit-startup-screen.
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......@@ -288,14 +288,15 @@ connect and create graphical or terminal frames using
@item --no-splash
@opindex --no-splash
@vindex inhibit-splash-screen
@vindex inhibit-startup-screen
@cindex splash screen
@cindex startup message
Do not display a splash screen on startup. You can also achieve this
effect by setting the variable @code{inhibit-splash-screen} to
effect by setting the variable @code{inhibit-startup-screen} to
non-@code{nil} in you personal init file (but @emph{not} in
@file{site-start.el}). (This variable was called
@code{inhibit-startup-message} in previous Emacs versions.)
@code{inhibit-splash-screen} or @code{inhibit-startup-message} in
previous Emacs versions.)
@item --no-desktop
@opindex --no-desktop
......@@ -597,7 +598,7 @@ does not use @env{TZ} at all.
The user's login name. See also @env{LOGNAME}. On MS-DOS, this
defaults to @samp{root}.
Used to initialize the @code{version-control} variable (@pxref{Numbered Backups}).
Used to initialize the @code{version-control} variable (@pxref{Backup Names}).
@end table
@node Misc Variables
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