Commit 9d0644c4 authored by Johan Bockgård's avatar Johan Bockgård
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(syms_of_keyboard) <input-decode-map>: Doc fix.

parent 6c4cfaf8
2009-04-26 Johan Bockgård <>
* keyboard.c (syms_of_keyboard) <input-decode-map>: Doc fix.
2009-04-25 Jason Rumney <>
* w32font.c (clear_cached_metrics): Remove, unused since 2008-08-02.
......@@ -12333,7 +12333,7 @@ This is used mainly for mapping ASCII function key sequences into
real Emacs function key events (symbols).
The `read-key-sequence' function replaces any subsequence bound by
`input-key-map' with its binding. Contrary to `function-key-map',
`input-decode-map' with its binding. Contrary to `function-key-map',
this map applies its rebinding regardless of the presence of an ordinary
binding. So it is more like `key-translation-map' except that it applies
before `function-key-map' rather than after.
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