Commit 9d12e52b authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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parent 51f10faa
2005-06-23 Kim F. Storm <>
* subr.el (save-match-data): Add comment about using evaporate arg
to set-match-data.
2005-06-22 Glenn Morris <>
* cus-edit.el (customize-face)
2005-06-23 Kim F. Storm <>
* searching.texi (Entire Match Data): Remove evaporate option for
match-data. Do not mention evaporate option for set-match-data.
2005-06-22 Glenn Morris <>
* display.texi (Face Functions): Mention face aliases.
2005-06-23 Kim F. Storm <>
* search.c (Fmatch_data): Remove evaporate option.
(Fmatch_data): Do not mention evaporate option in doc string.
(Fset_match_data): Do not mention evaporate option in doc string.
Add commentary explaining evaporate arg (for internal use only).
(unwind_set_match_data): Add comment on evaporate use.
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