Commit 9d14ae76 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(Freverse): Simplify.

parent 7d66892d
......@@ -882,17 +882,13 @@ See also the function `nreverse', which is used more often.")
Lisp_Object list;
Lisp_Object length;
register Lisp_Object *vec;
register Lisp_Object tail;
register int i;
length = Flength (list);
vec = (Lisp_Object *) alloca (XINT (length) * sizeof (Lisp_Object));
for (i = XINT (length) - 1, tail = list; i >= 0; i--, tail = Fcdr (tail))
vec[i] = Fcar (tail);
Lisp_Object new;
return Flist (XINT (length), vec);
for (new = Qnil; CONSP (list); list = XCONS (list)->cdr)
new = Fcons (XCONS (list)->car, new);
if (!NILP (list))
wrong_type_argument (Qconsp, list);
return new;
Lisp_Object merge ();
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