Commit 9d4d60c1 authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa

(ps-plot-region): Handle new composition.

parent d0da93b3
......@@ -4709,7 +4709,16 @@ EndDSCPage\n")
(if (re-search-forward ps-control-or-escape-regexp to t)
;; region with some control characters or some multi-byte characters
(let* ((match-point (match-beginning 0))
(match (char-after match-point)))
(match (char-after match-point))
(composition (find-composition from (1+ match-point))))
(if composition
(if (and (nth 2 composition)
(<= (car composition) match-point))
(setq match-point (car composition)
match 0)
(goto-char (nth 1 composition)))
(setq composition nil)))
(when (< from match-point)
(ps-plot 'ps-basic-plot-string from match-point bg-color))
......@@ -4734,13 +4743,19 @@ EndDSCPage\n")
(= ps-height-remaining ps-print-height))
(composition ; a composite sequence
(ps-plot 'ps-mule-plot-composition match-point (point) bg-color))
; characters from ^@ to ^_ and
((> match 255) ; a multi-byte character
(let ((charset (char-charset match)))
(let* ((charset (char-charset match))
(composition (find-composition match-point to))
(stop (if (nth 2 composition) (car composition) to)))
(or (eq charset 'composition)
(while (eq (charset-after) charset)
(while (and (< (point) stop) (eq (charset-after) charset))
(forward-char 1)))
(ps-plot 'ps-mule-plot-string match-point (point) bg-color)))
; characters from ^@ to ^_ and
(t ; characters from 127 to 255
(ps-control-character match)))
(setq from (point)))
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