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Provide functions for saving window configurations as Lisp objects.

* window.el (window-list-no-nils, window-state-ignored-parameters)
(window-state-get-1, window-state-get, window-state-put-list)
(window-state-put-1, window-state-put-2, window-state-put): New
parent fbf5b3ce
...@@ -19,6 +19,10 @@ ...@@ -19,6 +19,10 @@
display-buffer-normalize-options-inhibit is non-nil. display-buffer-normalize-options-inhibit is non-nil.
(frame-auto-delete): New option. (frame-auto-delete): New option.
(window-deletable-p): Use frame-auto-delete. (window-deletable-p): Use frame-auto-delete.
(window-list-no-nils, window-state-ignored-parameters)
(window-state-get-1, window-state-get, window-state-put-list)
(window-state-put-1, window-state-put-2, window-state-put): New
2011-06-18 Chong Yidong <> 2011-06-18 Chong Yidong <>
...@@ -3500,6 +3500,311 @@ specific buffers." ...@@ -3500,6 +3500,311 @@ specific buffers."
;; (bw-finetune wins) ;; (bw-finetune wins)
;; (message "Done in %d rounds" round) ;; (message "Done in %d rounds" round)
)) ))
;;; Window states, how to get them and how to put them in a window.
(defsubst window-list-no-nils (&rest args)
"Like LIST but do not add nil elements of ARGS."
(delq nil (apply 'list args)))
(defvar window-state-ignored-parameters '(quit-restore)
"List of window parameters ignored by `window-state-get'.")
(defun window-state-get-1 (window &optional markers)
"Helper function for `window-state-get'."
(let* ((type
((window-vchild window) 'vc)
((window-hchild window) 'hc)
(t 'leaf)))
(buffer (window-buffer window))
(selected (eq window (selected-window)))
(unless (window-next window) (cons 'last t))
(cons 'clone-number (window-clone-number window))
(cons 'total-height (window-total-size window))
(cons 'total-width (window-total-size window t))
(cons 'normal-height (window-normal-size window))
(cons 'normal-width (window-normal-size window t))
(cons 'splits (window-splits window))
(cons 'nest (window-nest window))
(let (list)
(dolist (parameter (window-parameters window))
(unless (memq (car parameter)
(setq list (cons parameter list))))
(when list
(cons 'parameters list)))
(when buffer
;; All buffer related things go in here - make the buffer
;; current when retrieving `point' and `mark'.
(with-current-buffer (window-buffer window)
(let ((point (if selected (point) (window-point window)))
(start (window-start window))
(mark (mark)))
'buffer (buffer-name buffer)
(cons 'selected selected)
(when window-size-fixed (cons 'size-fixed window-size-fixed))
(cons 'hscroll (window-hscroll window))
(cons 'fringes (window-fringes window))
(cons 'margins (window-margins window))
(cons 'scroll-bars (window-scroll-bars window))
(cons 'vscroll (window-vscroll window))
(cons 'dedicated (window-dedicated-p window))
(cons 'point (if markers (copy-marker point) point))
(cons 'start (if markers (copy-marker start) start))
(when mark
(cons 'mark (if markers (copy-marker mark) mark)))))))))
(when (memq type '(vc hc))
(let (list)
(setq window (window-child window))
(while window
(setq list (cons (window-state-get-1 window markers) list))
(setq window (window-right window)))
(nreverse list)))))
(append head tail)))
(defun window-state-get (&optional window markers)
"Return state of WINDOW as a Lisp object.
WINDOW can be any window and defaults to the root window of the
selected frame.
Optional argument MARKERS non-nil means use markers for sampling
positions like `window-point' or `window-start'. MARKERS should
be non-nil only if the value is used for putting the state back
in the same session (note that markers slow down processing).
The return value can be used as argument for `window-state-put'
to put the state recorded here into an arbitrary window. The
value can be also stored on disk and read back in a new session."
(setq window
(if window
(if (window-any-p window)
(error "%s is not a live or internal window" window))
;; The return value is a cons whose car specifies some constraints on
;; the size of WINDOW. The cdr lists the states of the subwindows of
;; Frame related things would go into a function, say `frame-state',
;; calling `window-state-get' to insert the frame's root window.
(cons 'min-height (window-min-size window))
(cons 'min-width (window-min-size window t))
(cons 'min-height-ignore (window-min-size window nil t))
(cons 'min-width-ignore (window-min-size window t t))
(cons 'min-height-safe (window-min-size window nil 'safe))
(cons 'min-width-safe (window-min-size window t 'safe))
;; These are probably not needed.
(when (window-size-fixed-p window) (cons 'fixed-height t))
(when (window-size-fixed-p window t) (cons 'fixed-width t)))
(window-state-get-1 window markers)))
(defvar window-state-put-list nil
"Helper variable for `window-state-put'.")
(defun window-state-put-1 (state &optional window ignore totals)
"Helper function for `window-state-put'."
(let ((type (car state)))
(setq state (cdr state))
((eq type 'leaf)
;; For a leaf window just add unprocessed entries to
;; `window-state-put-list'.
(setq window-state-put-list
(cons (cons window state) window-state-put-list)))
((memq type '(vc hc))
(let* ((horizontal (eq type 'hc))
(total (window-total-size window horizontal))
(first t)
size new)
(dolist (item state)
;; Find the next child window. WINDOW always points to the
;; real window that we want to fill with what we find here.
(when (memq (car item) '(leaf vc hc))
(if (assq 'last item)
;; The last child window. Below `window-state-put-1'
;; will put into it whatever ITEM has in store.
(setq new nil)
;; Not the last child window, prepare for splitting
;; WINDOW. SIZE is the new (and final) size of the old
;; window.
(setq size
(if totals
;; Use total size.
(cdr (assq (if horizontal 'total-width 'total-height) item))
;; Use normalized size and round.
(round (* total
(cdr (assq
(if horizontal 'normal-width 'normal-height)
;; Use safe sizes, we try to resize later.
(setq size (max size (if horizontal
(if (window-sizable-p window (- size) horizontal 'safe)
(let* ((window-nest (assq 'nest item)))
;; We must inherit the nesting, otherwise we might mess
;; up handling of atomic and side window.
(setq new (split-window window size horizontal)))
;; Give up if we can't resize window down to safe sizes.
(error "Cannot resize window %s" window))
(when first
(setq first nil)
;; When creating the first child window add for parent
;; unprocessed entries to `window-state-put-list'.
(setq window-state-put-list
(cons (cons (window-parent window) state)
;; Now process the current window (either the one we've just
;; split or the last child of its parent).
(window-state-put-1 item window ignore totals)
;; Continue with the last window split off.
(setq window new))))))))
(defun window-state-put-2 (ignore)
"Helper function for `window-state-put'."
(dolist (item window-state-put-list)
(let ((window (car item))
(clone-number (cdr (assq 'clone-number item)))
(splits (cdr (assq 'splits item)))
(nest (cdr (assq 'nest item)))
(parameters (cdr (assq 'parameters item)))
(state (cdr (assq 'buffer item))))
;; Put in clone-number.
(when clone-number (set-window-clone-number window clone-number))
(when splits (set-window-splits window splits))
(when nest (set-window-nest window nest))
;; Process parameters.
(when parameters
(dolist (parameter parameters)
(set-window-parameter window (car parameter) (cdr parameter))))
;; Process buffer related state.
(when state
;; We don't want to raise an error here so we create a buffer if
;; there's none.
(set-window-buffer window (get-buffer-create (car state)))
(with-current-buffer (window-buffer window)
(set-window-hscroll window (cdr (assq 'hscroll state)))
(apply 'set-window-fringes
(cons window (cdr (assq 'fringes state))))
(let ((margins (cdr (assq 'margins state))))
(set-window-margins window (car margins) (cdr margins)))
(let ((scroll-bars (cdr (assq 'scroll-bars state))))
window (car scroll-bars) (nth 2 scroll-bars) (nth 3 scroll-bars)))
(set-window-vscroll window (cdr (assq 'vscroll state)))
;; Adjust vertically.
(if (memq window-size-fixed '(t height))
;; A fixed height window, try to restore the original size.
(let ((delta (- (cdr (assq 'total-height item))
(window-total-height window)))
(when (window-resizable-p window delta)
(resize-window window delta)))
;; Else check whether the window is not high enough.
(let* ((min-size (window-min-size window nil ignore))
(delta (- min-size (window-total-size window))))
(when (and (> delta 0)
(window-resizable-p window delta nil ignore))
(resize-window window delta nil ignore))))
;; Adjust horizontally.
(if (memq window-size-fixed '(t width))
;; A fixed width window, try to restore the original size.
(let ((delta (- (cdr (assq 'total-width item))
(window-total-width window)))
(when (window-resizable-p window delta)
(resize-window window delta)))
;; Else check whether the window is not wide enough.
(let* ((min-size (window-min-size window t ignore))
(delta (- min-size (window-total-size window t))))
(when (and (> delta 0)
(window-resizable-p window delta t ignore))
(resize-window window delta t ignore))))
;; Set dedicated status.
(set-window-dedicated-p window (cdr (assq 'dedicated state)))
;; Install positions (maybe we should do this after all windows
;; have been created and sized).
(set-window-start window (cdr (assq 'start state)))
(set-window-point window (cdr (assq 'point state)))
;; I'm not sure whether we should set the mark here, but maybe
;; it can be used.
(let ((mark (cdr (assq 'mark state))))
(when mark (set-mark mark))))
;; Select window if it's the selected one.
(when (cdr (assq 'selected state))
(select-window window)))))))
(defun window-state-put (state &optional window ignore)
"Put window state STATE into WINDOW.
STATE should be the state of a window returned by an earlier
invocation of `window-state-get'. Optional argument WINDOW must
specify a live window and defaults to the selected one.
Optional argument IGNORE non-nil means ignore minimum window
sizes and fixed size restrictions. IGNORE equal `safe' means
subwindows can get as small as `window-safe-min-height' and
(setq window (normalize-live-window window))
(let* ((frame (window-frame window))
(head (car state))
;; We check here (1) whether the total sizes of root window of
;; STATE and that of WINDOW are equal so we can avoid
;; calculating new sizes, and (2) if we do have to resize
;; whether we can do so without violating size restrictions.
(and (= (window-total-size window)
(cdr (assq 'total-height state)))
(= (window-total-size window t)
(cdr (assq 'total-width state)))))
(min-height (cdr (assq 'min-height head)))
(min-width (cdr (assq 'min-width head)))
window-splits selected)
(if (and (not totals)
(or (> min-height (window-total-size window))
(> min-width (window-total-size window t)))
(or (not ignore)
(and (setq min-height
(cdr (assq 'min-height-ignore head)))
(setq min-width
(cdr (assq 'min-width-ignore head)))
(or (> min-height (window-total-size window))
(> min-width (window-total-size window t)))
(or (not (eq ignore 'safe))
(and (setq min-height
(cdr (assq 'min-height-safe head)))
(setq min-width
(cdr (assq 'min-width-safe head)))
(or (> min-height
(window-total-size window))
(> min-width
(window-total-size window t))))))))
;; The check above might not catch all errors due to rounding
;; issues - so IGNORE equal 'safe might not always produce the
;; minimum possible state. But such configurations hardly make
;; sense anyway.
(error "Window %s too small to accomodate state" window)
(setq state (cdr state))
(setq window-state-put-list nil)
;; Work on the windows of a temporary buffer to make sure that
;; splitting proceeds regardless of any buffer local values of
;; `window-size-fixed'. Release that buffer after the buffers of
;; all live windows have been set by `window-state-put-2'.
(set-window-buffer window (current-buffer))
(window-state-put-1 state window nil totals)
(window-state-put-2 ignore))
(window-check frame))))
;;; Displaying buffers. ;;; Displaying buffers.
(defconst display-buffer-default-specifiers (defconst display-buffer-default-specifiers
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