Commit 9d8b0f9c authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(artist-version): 1.2.6

(artist-prev-next-op-alist): New variable.
(artist-select-next-op-in-list): New function.
(artist-select-prev-op-in-list): New function.
(artist-make-prev-next-op-alist): New function.
(artist-is-in-op-list-p): New function.
(artist-get-first-non-nil-op): New function.
(artist-get-last-non-nil-op): New function.
(artist-mode-init): Call artist-get-last-non-nil-op to initialize
(artist-mode-map): Add binding for C-mouse-4 and C-mouse-5 to
   change drawing operation.
parent d918508e
......@@ -5,8 +5,8 @@
;; Author: Tomas Abrahamsson <>
;; Maintainer: Tomas Abrahamsson <>
;; Keywords: mouse
;; Version: 1.2.4
;; Release-date: 25-Oct-2001
;; Version: 1.2.6
;; Release-date: 6-Aug-2004
;; Location:
;; This file is part of GNU Emacs.
......@@ -136,6 +136,14 @@
;;; ChangeLog:
;; 1.2.6 6-Aug-2004
;; New: Coerced with the artist.el that's in Emacs-21.3.
;; (minor editorial changes)
;; 1.2.5 4-Aug-2004
;; New: Added tool selection via the mouse-wheel
;; Function provided by Andreas Leue <>
;; 1.2.4 25-Oct-2001
;; Bugfix: Some operations (the edit menu) got hidden
;; Bugfix: The first arrow for poly-lines was always pointing
......@@ -187,7 +195,7 @@
;; Variables
(defconst artist-version "1.2.4")
(defconst artist-version "1.2.6")
(defconst artist-maintainer-address "")
......@@ -471,6 +479,14 @@ strangely.")
The fill char is used instead, if it is set.")
(make-variable-buffer-local 'artist-borderless-shapes)
(defvar artist-prev-next-op-alist nil
"Assoc list for looking up next and/or previous draw operation.
The structure is as follows: (OP . (PREV-OP . NEXT-OP))
where the elements are as follows:
* OP is an atom: the KEY-SYMBOL in the `artist-mt' structure
* PREV-OP and NEXT-OP are strings: the KEYWORD in the `artist-mt' structure
This variable is initialized by the artist-make-prev-next-op-alist function.")
;; Make rect available at compile-time
......@@ -496,6 +512,8 @@ The fill char is used instead, if it is set.")
(define-key map [S-down-mouse-2] 'artist-mouse-choose-operation)
(define-key map [down-mouse-3] 'artist-down-mouse-3)
(define-key map [S-down-mouse-3] 'artist-down-mouse-3)
(define-key map [C-mouse-4] 'artist-select-prev-op-in-list)
(define-key map [C-mouse-5] 'artist-select-next-op-in-list)
(define-key map "\r" 'artist-key-set-point) ; return
(define-key map [up] 'artist-previous-line)
(define-key map "\C-p" 'artist-previous-line)
......@@ -1063,6 +1081,73 @@ component is other than `artist-do-continously' or 1."
"Retrieve the items component from a graphics operation INFO-PART."
(elt info-part 1))
;; mouse wheel cyclic operation selection
(defun artist-get-last-non-nil-op (op-list &optional last-non-nil)
"Find the last non-nil draw operation in OP-LIST.
Optional LAST-NON-NIL will be returned if OP-LIST is nil."
(if op-list
(artist-get-last-non-nil-op (cdr op-list)
(or (car (car op-list)) last-non-nil))
(defun artist-get-first-non-nil-op (op-list)
"Find the first non-nil draw operation in OP-LIST."
(or (car (car op-list)) (artist-get-first-non-nil-op (cdr op-list))))
(defun artist-is-in-op-list-p (op op-list)
"Check whether OP is in OP-LIST."
(and op-list
(or (and (car (car op-list)) (string= op (car (car op-list))))
(artist-is-in-op-list-p op (cdr op-list)))))
(defun artist-make-prev-next-op-alist (op-list
last-non-nil-arg first-non-nil-arg
prev-entry prev-op-arg)
"Build an assoc-list of OP-LIST.
PREV-OP-ARG are used when invoked recursively during the build-up."
(let* ((last-non-nil (or last-non-nil-arg
(first-non-nil (or first-non-nil-arg
(prev-op (or prev-op-arg last-non-nil))
(op (car (car op-list)))
(opsym (artist-mt-get-symbol-from-keyword op))
(entry (cons opsym (cons prev-op nil))))
(if (or (and op-list (not op))
(artist-is-in-op-list-p op (cdr op-list)))
(artist-make-prev-next-op-alist (cdr op-list)
last-non-nil first-non-nil
prev-entry prev-op)
(if prev-entry (setcdr (cdr prev-entry) op))
(if op-list
(cons entry (artist-make-prev-next-op-alist
(cdr op-list)
last-non-nil first-non-nil
entry op))
(progn (setcdr (cdr prev-entry) first-non-nil) nil)))))
(defun artist-select-next-op-in-list ()
"Cyclically select next drawing mode operation."
(let ((next-op (cdr (cdr (assoc artist-curr-go artist-prev-next-op-alist)))))
(artist-select-operation next-op)
(message next-op)))
(defun artist-select-prev-op-in-list ()
"Cyclically select previous drawing mode operation."
(let ((prev-op (car (cdr (assoc artist-curr-go artist-prev-next-op-alist)))))
(artist-select-operation prev-op)
(message prev-op)))
;;; ---------------------------------
;;; The artist-mode
;;; ---------------------------------
......@@ -1317,6 +1402,7 @@ Keymap summary
(make-local-variable 'artist-key-draw-how)
(make-local-variable 'artist-popup-menu-table)
(make-local-variable 'artist-key-compl-table)
(make-local-variable 'artist-prev-next-op-alist)
(make-local-variable 'artist-rb-save-data)
(make-local-variable 'artist-arrow-point-1)
(make-local-variable 'artist-arrow-point-2)
......@@ -1326,6 +1412,8 @@ Keymap summary
(setq artist-key-shape nil)
(setq artist-popup-menu-table (artist-compute-popup-menu-table artist-mt))
(setq artist-key-compl-table (artist-compute-key-compl-table artist-mt))
(setq artist-prev-next-op-alist
(artist-make-prev-next-op-alist artist-key-compl-table))
(setq artist-rb-save-data (make-vector 7 0))
(setq artist-arrow-point-1 nil)
(setq artist-arrow-point-2 nil)
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