Commit 9da97cf0 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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(apropos-command): Report documentation errors, rather than ignoring.

parent b7270504
2008-08-30 Glenn Morris <>
* apropos.el (apropos-command): Ignore documentation errors.
* apropos.el (apropos-command): Report documentation errors.
* help-fns.el (describe-function-1): Handle broken aliases. (Bug#825)
2008-08-29 Chong Yidong <>
......@@ -489,8 +489,12 @@ while a list of strings is used as a word list."
(setq score (apropos-score-symbol symbol))
(unless var-predicate
(if (fboundp symbol)
(if (setq doc (ignore-errors (documentation symbol t)))
(if (setq doc (condition-case nil
(documentation symbol t)
(error 'error)))
;; Eg alias to undefined function.
(if (eq doc 'error)
"(documentation error)"
(setq score (+ score (apropos-score-doc doc)))
(substring doc 0 (string-match "\n" doc)))
"(not documented)")))
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