Commit 9db0c29b authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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(legacy-style-world-list): Fix TZ values for London, Bangalore, and Tokyo.

parent f14ee802
......@@ -132,10 +132,10 @@ LABEL is a string to display as the label of that TIMEZONE's time."
(defcustom legacy-style-world-list
'(("PST8PDT" "Seattle")
("EST5EDT" "New York")
("BST0BDT" "London")
("GMT0BST" "London")
("CET-1CDT" "Paris")
("IST-5:30IDT" "Bangalore")
("JST-9JDT" "Tokyo"))
("IST-5:30" "Bangalore")
("JST-9" "Tokyo"))
"Alist of traditional-style time zones and places for `display-time-world'.
Each element has the form (TIMEZONE LABEL).
TIMEZONE should be a string of the form:
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