Commit 9db2706e authored by Dave Love's avatar Dave Love
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*** empty log message ***

parent fc794f13
2000-11-08 Dave Love <>
* ediff-wind.el (ediff-control-frame-parameters): Zero
2000-11-08 Gerd Moellmann <>
* simple.el (shell-command, display-message-or-buffer)
2000-11-08 Dave Love <>
* cu-exit.xpm, prev-ur.xpm, next-ur.xpm, post.xpm, fuwo.xpm:
* followup.xpm, uu-post.xpm, uu-decode.xpm, mail-reply.xpm:
* reply.xpm, reply-wo.xpm, rot13.xpm, save-aif.xpm, save-art.xpm:
* exit-summ.xpm: New files, renamed from icons by Luis Fernandes.
* gnus-sum.el: Put some defvars in eval-when-compile.
(gnus-summary-mode-hook): Add :options.
(gnus-summary-make-menu-bar): Add some :help, used by tool bar.
(gnus-summary-tool-bar-map): New variable.
(gnus-summary-make-tool-bar): New function.
(gnus-summary-mode): Put kill-all-local-variables first.
* gnus-group.el (gnus-group-toolbar-map): New variable.
(gnus-group-make-tool-bar): Rewritten.
(gnus-group-mode): Put kill-all-local-variables first.
* rfc2047.el: Require gnus-util.
* nnml.el (gnus-sorted-intersection): Autoload.
......@@ -383,7 +399,7 @@
* catchup.xpm, exit-gnus.xpm, gnntg.xpm, subscribe.xpm:
* describe-group.xpm, get-news.xpm, kill-group.xpm:
* unsubscribe.xpm: New files.
* unsubscribe.xpm: New files. Renamed icons from Luis Fernandes.
* mm-decode.el (mm-valid-and-fit-image-p): Don't test
display-graphic-p here.
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