Commit 9db97b49 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii

; * etc/DEBUG: Add information about debugging libXft problems.

parent 0214ffbe
......@@ -647,10 +647,18 @@ process invoked with the -nw option a server and want to trace X
protocol errors from subsequent invocations of emacsclient in a GUI
frame. In that case calling the initial Emacs via
emacs -nw --eval '(setq x-command-line-resources "emacs.synchronous: true")'
emacs -nw --eval '(setq x-command-line-resources "emacs.synchronous: true")'
should give more reliable results.
For X protocol errors related to displaying unusual characters or to
font-related customizations, try invoking Emacs like this:
XFT_DEBUG=16 emacs -xrm "emacs.synchronous: true"
This should produce information from the libXft library which could
give useful hints regarding font-related problems in that library.
Some bugs related to the X protocol disappear when Emacs runs in a
synchronous mode. To track down those bugs, we suggest the following
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