Commit 9dd7eec6 authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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(text_property_list): New.

(add_text_properties_from_list): New.
(extend_property_ranges): New.
(validate_interval_range): Make it externally
parent f403d3c3
......@@ -103,7 +103,7 @@ Lisp_Object interval_insert_in_front_hooks;
#define soft 0
#define hard 1
validate_interval_range (object, begin, end, force)
Lisp_Object object, *begin, *end;
int force;
......@@ -1422,6 +1422,124 @@ copy_text_properties (start, end, src, pos, dest, prop)
return modified ? Qt : Qnil;
/* Return a list representing the text properties of OBJECT between
START and END. if PROP is non-nil, report only on that property.
Each result list element has the form (S E PLIST), where S and E
are positions in OBJECT and PLIST is a property list containing the
text properties of OBJECT between S and E. Value is nil if OBJECT
doesn't contain text properties between START and END. */
text_property_list (object, start, end, prop)
Lisp_Object object, start, end, prop;
struct interval *i;
Lisp_Object result;
int s, e;
result = Qnil;
i = validate_interval_range (object, &start, &end, soft);
int s = XINT (start);
int e = XINT (end);
while (s < e)
int interval_end, len;
Lisp_Object plist;
interval_end = i->position + LENGTH (i);
if (interval_end > e)
interval_end = e;
len = interval_end - s;
plist = i->plist;
if (!NILP (prop))
for (; !NILP (plist); plist = Fcdr (Fcdr (plist)))
if (EQ (Fcar (plist), prop))
plist = Fcons (prop, Fcons (Fcar (Fcdr (plist)), Qnil));
if (!NILP (plist))
result = Fcons (Fcons (make_number (s),
Fcons (make_number (s + len),
Fcons (plist, Qnil))),
i = next_interval (i);
s = i->position;
return result;
/* Add text properties to OBJECT from LIST. LIST is a list of triples
(START END PLIST), where START and END are positions and PLIST is a
property list containing the text properties to add. Adjust START
and END positions by DELTA before adding properties. Value is
non-zero if OBJECT was modified. */
add_text_properties_from_list (object, list, delta)
Lisp_Object object, list, delta;
struct gcpro gcpro1, gcpro2;
int modified_p = 0;
GCPRO2 (list, object);
for (; CONSP (list); list = XCDR (list))
Lisp_Object item, start, end, plist, tem;
item = XCAR (list);
start = make_number (XINT (XCAR (item)) + XINT (delta));
end = make_number (XINT (XCAR (XCDR (item))) + XINT (delta));
plist = XCAR (XCDR (XCDR (item)));
tem = Fadd_text_properties (start, end, plist, object);
if (!NILP (tem))
modified_p = 1;
return modified_p;
/* Modify end-points of ranges in LIST destructively. LIST is a list
as returned from text_property_list. Change end-points equal to
extend_property_ranges (list, old_end, new_end)
Lisp_Object list, old_end, new_end;
for (; CONSP (list); list = XCDR (list))
Lisp_Object item, end;
item = XCAR (list);
end = XCAR (XCDR (item));
if (EQ (end, old_end))
XCONS (XCDR (item))->car = new_end;
/* Call the modification hook functions in LIST, each with START and END. */
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