Commit 9de940b5 authored by Dan Nicolaescu's avatar Dan Nicolaescu
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* src/sysdep.c (flush_pending_output): Remove code, does not do

anything on any platform.
parent 57507bf8
2010-10-03 Dan Nicolaescu <>
* sysdep.c (flush_pending_output): Remove code, does not do
anything on any platform.
Remove unused code.
* sysdep.c (select_alarm, sys_select, read_input_waiting): Remove
select emulation, all systems support select.
......@@ -363,22 +363,7 @@ wait_for_termination (int pid)
flush_pending_output (int channel)
#ifndef DOS_NT
/* If we try this, we get hit with SIGTTIN, because
the child's tty belongs to the child's pgrp. */
#ifdef TCFLSH
ioctl (channel, TCFLSH, 1);
int zero = 0;
/* 3rd arg should be ignored
but some 4.2 kernels actually want the address of an int
and nonzero means something different. */
ioctl (channel, TIOCFLUSH, &zero);
/* FIXME: maybe this function should be removed */
/* Set up the terminal at the other end of a pseudo-terminal that
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