Commit 9e028368 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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(insert-string): Update the obsolete info.

(makehash): Move from C and mark obsolete.
parent 7473b6ad
......@@ -708,8 +708,9 @@ Like the function `insert' except that any argument that is a number
is converted into a string by expressing it in decimal."
(dolist (el args)
(insert (if (integerp el) (number-to-string el) el))))
(make-obsolete 'insert-string 'insert "21.3")
(make-obsolete 'insert-string 'insert "21.4")
(defun makehash (&optional test) (make-hash-table :test (or test 'eql)))
(make-obsolete 'makehash 'make-hash-table "21.4")
;; Some programs still use this as a function.
(defun baud-rate ()
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