Commit 9e0bf19a authored by Daniel Colascione's avatar Daniel Colascione
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Ignore XF86WakeUp

parent e63ace37
2013-12-30 Daniel Colascione <>
* term/x-win.el ([XF86WakeUp]): Ignore the XF86WakeUp key instead
of printing a useless when we resume from sleep.
* progmodes/sh-script.el
(sh-smie-sh-forward-token,sh-smie-rc-forward-token): Fix infloop
in indentation code. (Bug#16233)
......@@ -1595,6 +1595,8 @@ This uses `icon-map-list' to map icon file names to stock icon names."
(and value (cdr value))))
(global-set-key [XF86WakeUp] 'ignore)
(provide 'x-win)
;;; x-win.el ends here
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