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; etc/NEWS: Document recent changes in 'etags'.

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......@@ -989,6 +989,22 @@ is strongly dedicated to its buffer.
** Tearoff menus and detachable toolbars for Gtk+ has been removed.
Those features have been deprecated in Gtk+ for a long time.
** Miscellaneous
*** etags no longer qualifies class members by default.
By default, `etags' will not qualify class members for C-like
object-oriented languages with their class names and namespaces, and
will remove qualifications used explicitly in the code from the tag
names it puts in TAGS files. This is so the etags.el back-end for
`xref-find-definitions' is more accurate and produces less false
Use --class-qualify (-Q) if you want the old default behavior of
qualifying class members in C++, Java, and Objective C. Note that
using -Q might make some class members become "unknown" to `M-.'
(`xref-find-definitions'); if so, you can use `C-u M-.' to specify the
qualified names by hand.
* Changes in Emacs 25.1 on Non-Free Operating Systems
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