Unverified Commit 9e435250 authored by Damien Cassou's avatar Damien Cassou Committed by Ted Zlatanov
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* lisp/auth-source.el: Document parser functions.

parent bd60ee2f
......@@ -353,12 +353,15 @@ with \"[a/b/c] \" if CHOICES is \(?a ?b ?c)."
(defvar auth-source-backend-parser-functions nil
"List of auth-source parser functions
These functions return backends from an entry in `auth-sources'.
Add your backends to this list with `add-hook'.")
"List of auth-source parser functions.
Each function takes an entry from `auth-sources' as parameter and
returns a backend or nil if the entry is not supported. Add a
parser function to this list with `add-hook'. Searching for a
backend starts with the first element on the list and stops as
soon as a function returns non-nil.")
(defun auth-source-backend-parse (entry)
"Creates an auth-source-backend from an ENTRY in `auth-sources'."
"Create an auth-source-backend from an ENTRY in `auth-sources'."
(let (backend)
(dolist (f auth-source-backend-parser-functions)
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