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(defface): Extend documentation to include new

face attributes.
(defface): Add new face attributes to function comment.
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......@@ -234,8 +234,10 @@ element take effect; the other elements are ignored, on that frame.
ATTS is a list of face attributes followed by their values:
The possible attributes are `:bold', `:italic', `:underline',
`:foreground', `:background', `:stipple' and `:inverse-video'.
The possible attributes are `:family', `:width', `:height', `:weight',
`:slant', `:underline', `:overline', `:strike-through', `:box',
`:foreground', `:background', `:stipple', and `:inverse-video'.
DISPLAY can either be the symbol t, which will match all frames, or an
alist of the form \((REQ ITEM...)...). For the DISPLAY to match a
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