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......@@ -88,7 +88,7 @@ man/rmail.texi
man/screen.texi "Luc Teirlinck"
man/search.texi "Luc Teirlinck"
man/text.texi "Luc Teirlinck"
man/windows.texi "Luc Teirlinck"
2004-10-05 Luc Teirlinck <>
* text.texi: Various small changes in addition to the following.
(Text): Replace xref for autotype with inforef.
(Sentences): Explain nil value for `sentence-end'.
(Paragraphs): Update default values for `paragraph-start' and
(Text Mode): Correct description of Text mode's effect on the
syntax table.
(Outline Visibility): `hide-other' does not hide top level headings.
`selective-display-ellipses' no longer has an effect on Outline mode.
(TeX Misc): Add missing @cindex.
Replace xref for RefTeX with inforef.
(Requesting Formatted Text): the variable
`enriched-fill-after-visiting' no longer exists.
(Editing Format Info): Update names of menu items and commands.
(Format Faces): Mention special effect of specifying the default face.
Describe inheritance of text properties.
Correct description of `fixed' face.
(Format Indentation): Correct description of effect of setting
margins. Mention `set-left-margin' and `set-right-margin'.
(Format Justification): Update names of menu items.
`set-justification-full' is now bound to `M-j b'.
Mention that `default-justification' is a per buffer variable.
(Format Properties): Update name of menu item.
(Forcing Enriched Mode): `format-decode-buffer' automatically
turns on Enriched mode if the buffer is in text/enriched format.
2004-10-05 Emilio C. Lopes <>
* calendar.texi (From Other Calendar): Add calendar-goto-iso-week.
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