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(Misc Dired Commands): New node.

(Dired Navigation): Add dired-goto-file.
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......@@ -39,6 +39,7 @@ files.
* Hiding Subdirectories:: Making subdirectories visible or invisible.
* Updating: Dired Updating. Discarding lines for files of no interest.
* Find: Dired and Find. Using `find' to choose the files for Dired.
* Misc: Misc Dired Commands. Various other features.
@end menu
@node Dired Enter
......@@ -85,6 +86,11 @@ to @kbd{C-n}. @kbd{p} is equivalent to @kbd{C-p}. (Moving by lines is
so common in Dired that it deserves to be easy to type.) @key{DEL}
(move up and unflag) is often useful simply for moving up.
@findex dired-goto-file
@kindex M-g
@kbd{M-g} (@code{dired-goto-file}) moves point to the line that
describes a specified file or directory.
Some additional navigation commands are available when the Dired
buffer includes several directories. @xref{Subdirectory Motion}.
......@@ -329,7 +335,7 @@ those files.
@item * @@
@kindex * @@ @r{(Dired)}
@findex dired-mark-symlinks
@cindex marking symlinks (in Dired)
@cindex marking symbolic links (in Dired)
Mark all symbolic links with @samp{*} (@code{dired-mark-symlinks}).
With a numeric argument, unmark all those files.
......@@ -549,7 +555,7 @@ just one link) the name to give the link.
@findex dired-do-symlink
@kindex S @r{(Dired)}
@cindex symlinks (in Dired)
@cindex symbolic links (creation in Dired)
@item S @var{new} @key{RET}
Make symbolic links to the specified files (@code{dired-do-symlink}).
The argument @var{new} is the directory to make the links in, or (if
......@@ -1087,6 +1093,32 @@ variable @code{find-ls-option}, whose default value specifies using
options @samp{-ld} for @code{ls}. If your listings are corrupted, you
may need to change the value of this variable.
@node Misc Dired Commands
@section Other Dired Commands
@table @kbd
@item w
@cindex Adding to the kill ring in Dired.
@kindex w
@findex dired-copy-filename-as-kill
The @kbd{w} command (@code{dired-copy-filename-as-kill}) puts the
names of the marked (or next @var{n}) files into the kill ring, as if
you had killed them with @kbd{C-w}. With a zero prefix argument
@var{n}=0, use the absolute file name of each marked file. With just
@kbd{C-u} as the prefix argument, use the relative file name of each
marked file. As a special case, if no prefix argument is given and
point is on a directory headerline, @kbd{w} gives you the name of that
directory without looking for marked files.
@vindex dired-marked-files
The main purpose of the @kbd{w} command is so that you can yank the
file names into arguments for other Emacs commands. It also displays
what was pushed onto the kill ring, so you can use it to display the
list of currently marked files in the echo area. It also stores the
list of names in the variable @code{dired-marked-files}, for use in
Lisp expressions.
@end table
arch-tag: d105f9b9-fc1b-4c5f-a949-9b2cf3ca2fc1
@end ignore
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