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* admin/admin.el (set-version): Check for increase in version length,

rather than a .50 version.
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......@@ -138,10 +138,10 @@ Root must be the root of an Emacs source tree."
(if (eq 2 (length newversion)) 0 1))))
(majorbump (and oldversion (not (equal oldmajor newmajor))))
(minorbump (and oldversion (not majorbump)
(or (not (equal (cadr oldversion)
(cadr newversion)))
(and (equal (cadr oldversion) (cadr newversion))
(equal (nth 2 newversion) 50)))))
(or (not (equal (cadr oldversion) (cadr newversion)))
;; Eg 26.2 -> 26.2.50.
(and (> (length newversion)
(length oldversion))))))
(newsfile (expand-file-name "etc/NEWS" root))
(oldnewsfile (expand-file-name (format "etc/NEWS.%s" oldmajor) root)))
(unless (> (length newversion) 2) ; pretest or release candidate?
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