Commit 9ec6f100 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris

(Fframe_pixel_height): Doc fix. (Bug#4535)

parent 4619ff5e
2009-10-11 Glenn Morris <>
* frame.c (Fframe_pixel_height): Doc fix. (Bug#4535)
2009-10-08 Jan Djärv <>
* gtkutil.c (create_menus): Call gtk_widget_set_size_request for
......@@ -2643,10 +2643,22 @@ For a terminal screen, the value is always 1. */)
DEFUN ("frame-pixel-height", Fframe_pixel_height,
Sframe_pixel_height, 0, 1, 0,
doc: /* Return a FRAME's height in pixels.
This counts only the height available for text lines,
not menu bars on window-system Emacs frames.
For a terminal frame, the result really gives the height in characters.
If FRAME is omitted, the selected frame is used. */)
If FRAME is omitted, the selected frame is used. The exact value
of the result depends on the window-system and toolkit in use:
In the Gtk+ version of Emacs, it includes only any window (including
the minibuffer or eacho area), mode line, and header line. It does not
include the tool bar or menu bar.
With the Motif or Lucid toolkits, it also includes the tool bar (but
not the menu bar).
In a graphical version with no toolkit, it includes both the tool bar
and menu bar.
For a text-only terminal, it includes the menu bar. In this case, the
result is really in characters rather than pixels (i.e., is identical
to `frame-height'). */)
Lisp_Object frame;
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