Commit 9ed38a84 authored by David Kastrup's avatar David Kastrup
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(mouse-posn-property): Improve doc string.

(mouse-on-link-p): Change buffers for function calls on links.
parent 1d45e02e
2006-09-20 David Kastrup <>
* mouse.el (mouse-posn-property): Improve doc string.
(mouse-on-link-p): Change buffers for function calls on links.
* menu-bar.el (clipboard-yank): bomb out in interactive use if
buffer is read-only.
......@@ -776,7 +776,14 @@ If the click is in the echo area, display the `*Messages*' buffer."
(defun mouse-posn-property (pos property)
"Look for a property at click position."
"Look for a property at click position.
POS may be either a buffer position or a click position like
those returned from `start-event'. If the click position is on
a string, the text property PROPERTY is examined.
If this is nil or the click is not on a string, then
the corresponding buffer position is searched for PROPERTY.
If PROPERTY is encountered in one of those places,
its value is returned."
(if (consp pos)
(let ((w (posn-window pos)) (pt (posn-point pos))
(str (posn-string pos)))
......@@ -835,9 +842,12 @@ at the same position."
((eq action 'mouse-face)
(and (mouse-posn-property pos 'mouse-face) t))
((functionp action)
;; FIXME: This is wrong if the click is in a different buffer.
;; FIXME: This seems questionable if the click is not in a buffer.
;; Should we instead decide that `action' takes a `posn'?
(funcall action (if (consp pos) (posn-point pos) pos)))
(if (consp pos)
(with-current-buffer (window-buffer (posn-window pos))
(funcall action (posn-point pos)))
(funcall action pos)))
(t action))))
(defun mouse-fixup-help-message (msg)
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