Commit 9ee96155 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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(read_escape): When an unknown Unicode code point is encountered as a string

or character escape, signal an error.
parent d8773eda
......@@ -1964,17 +1964,12 @@ read_escape (readcharfun, stringp, byterep)
if (EQ(Qnil, lisp_char))
if (NILP(lisp_char))
/* This is ugly and horrible and trashes the user's data. */
XSETFASTINT (i, MAKE_CHAR (charset_katakana_jisx0201,
34 + 128, 46 + 128));
return i;
return XFASTINT (lisp_char);
error ("Unsupported Unicode code point: U+%x", (unsigned)i);
return XFASTINT (lisp_char);
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