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* lisp/pcomplete.el: Improve heuristic to rely less on c-t-subvert.

(pcomplete-completions-at-point): Try and take \ escapes into account
when guessing the beginning of the text we're completing.
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......@@ -444,10 +444,28 @@ Same as `pcomplete' but using the standard completion UI."
;; table which expects strings using a prefix from the
;; buffer's text but internally uses the corresponding
;; prefix from pcomplete-stub.
(argbeg (pcomplete-begin))
;; When completing an envvar within an argument in Eshell
;; (e.g. "cd /home/$US TAB"), `pcomplete-stub' will just be
;; "US" whereas `argbeg' will point to the first "/".
;; We could rely on c-t-subvert to handle the difference,
;; but we try here to guess the "real" beginning so as to
;; rely less on c-t-subvert.
(beg (max (- (point) (length pcomplete-stub))
(buftext (pcomplete-unquote-argument
(buffer-substring beg (point)))))
;; Try and improve our guess of `beg' in case the difference
;; between pcomplete-stub and the buffer's text is simply due to
;; some chars removed by unquoting. Again, this is not
;; indispensable but reduces the reliance on c-t-subvert and
;; improves corner case behaviors.
(while (progn (setq buftext (pcomplete-unquote-argument
(buffer-substring beg (point))))
(and (> beg argbeg)
(> (length pcomplete-stub) (length buftext))))
(setq beg (max argbeg (- beg (- (length pcomplete-stub)
(length buftext))))))
(when completions
(let ((table
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