Commit 9f1cf0e3 authored by Andreas Schwab's avatar Andreas Schwab
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(struct window): Remove height_fixed_p, no longer set.

parent 3df0580e
2005-09-18 Andreas Schwab <>
* window.h (struct window): Remove height_fixed_p, no longer set.
* window.c (make_window): Don't initialize height_fixed_p.
(window_fixed_size_p): Don't use it.
2005-09-18 John Paul Wallington <>
* data.c (Fdefalias): Signal an error if SYMBOL is not a symbol.
......@@ -290,11 +290,6 @@ struct window
be changed during redisplay. If point is not in the window,
accept that. */
unsigned frozen_window_start_p : 1;
/* 1 means that this window's height is temporarily fixed. Used
in resize_mini_window to precent resizing selected_window, if
possible. */
unsigned height_fixed_p : 1;
/* 1 if W is a minibuffer window. */
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