Commit 9f2279ad authored by Joseph Arceneaux's avatar Joseph Arceneaux
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* dispextern.h: New element of frame structure `max_ascent'.

	Removed elements `nruns' and `face_list'.
	LINE_HEIGHT and LINE_WIDTH macros removed.
	New struct face with associated typedef FACE declared, along with
	accessing macros.
parent 9d46c2e6
......@@ -26,13 +26,55 @@ extern int frame_garbaged;
extern int display_completed;
struct run
int begin_run;
int len;
int face_code; /* Also handles underlining. */
#include <X11/Xlib.h>
struct face
/* If this is non-zero, it is a GC we can use without modification
to represent this face. */
GC gc;
/* Pixel value for foreground color. */
int foreground;
/* Pixel value for background color. */
int background;
/* Font used for this face */
XFontStruct font;
/* Background stipple or bitmap used for this face. */
Pixmap stipple;
/* Whether or not to underline text in this face. */
char underline;
typedef struct face *FACE;
#define NORMAL_FACE ((FACE *) 0)
#define FACE_HAS_GC(f) ((f)->gc)
#define FACE_GC(f) ((f)->gc)
#define FACE_FOREGROUND(f) ((f)->foreground)
#define FACE_BACKGROUND(f) ((f)->background)
#define FACE_FONT(f) ((f)->font)
#define FACE_STIPPLE(f) ((f)->stipple)
#define FACE_UNDERLINE_P(f) ((f)->underline)
#else /* Not X */
typedef int FACE;
#define NORMAL_FACE 0x0
#define HIGHLIGHT_FACE 0x1
#define UNDERLINE_FACE 0x2
#define FACE_HIGHLIGHT(f) ((f) & 0x1)
#define FACE_UNDERLINE(f) ((f) & 0x2)
#endif /* Not X */
/* This structure is used for the actual display of text on a frame.
......@@ -69,27 +111,23 @@ struct frame_glyphs
/* highlight[n] != 0 iff line n is highlighted. */
char *highlight;
/* Buffer offset of this line's first char. */
int *bufp;
int *nruns; /* N runs of differently displayed text. */
struct run **face_list;
short *top_left_x; /* Pixel position of top left corner */
/* Pixel position of top left corner of line. */
short *top_left_x;
short *top_left_y;
short *pix_width; /* Pixel width of line. */
short *pix_height; /* Pixel height of line. */
#endif /* HAVE_X_WINDOWS */
#if 0
#define LINE_HEIGHT(s,n) (current_glyphs->pix_height[n])
#define LINE_WIDTH(s,n) (current_glyphs->pix_width[n])
/* Pixel width of line. */
short *pix_width;
/* Pixel height of line. */
short *pix_height;
#define LINE_HEIGHT(s,n) (FONT_HEIGHT((s)->display.x->font))
#define LINE_WIDTH(s,n) (FONT_HEIGHT((s)->display.x->font) \
* FRAME_CURRENT_GLYPHS(s)->enable[(n)])
/* Largest font ascent on this line. */
short *max_ascent;
#endif /* HAVE_X_WINDOWS */
extern void get_display_line ();
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