Commit 9f3f6a18 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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(python-preoutput-filter): Fix last change.

parent d7029908
......@@ -1127,8 +1127,8 @@ Don't save anything for STR matching `inferior-python-filter-regexp'."
((string-match ".*\n" s)
((or (eq t (compare-strings s nil nil "_emacs_ok\n" nil (length s)))
(eq t (compare-strings s nil nil "_emacs_out " nil
(min (length "_emacs_out ") (length s)))))
(let ((end (min (length "_emacs_out ") (length s))))
(eq t (compare-strings s nil end "_emacs_out " nil end))))
(setq python-preoutput-leftover s)
(t s)))
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