Commit 9f5dd6f2 authored by Dan Nicolaescu's avatar Dan Nicolaescu
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* src/term.c: Remove dead code.

parent 6254cdda
2010-08-05 Dan Nicolaescu <>
* term.c: Remove dead code.
Fix emacs -Q -f server-start & emacsclient -t on GNU/Linux.
* term.c (dissociate_if_controlling_tty): Use USG5 instead of
USG. This is equivalent to defined (USG) && !defined (BSD_PGRPS),
......@@ -1119,7 +1119,6 @@ per_line_cost (char *str)
return cost;
#ifndef old
/* char_ins_del_cost[n] is cost of inserting N characters.
char_ins_del_cost[-n] is cost of deleting N characters.
The length of this vector is based on max_frame_cols. */
......@@ -1127,7 +1126,6 @@ per_line_cost (char *str)
int *char_ins_del_vector;
#define char_ins_del_cost(f) (&char_ins_del_vector[FRAME_COLS ((f))])
static void
......@@ -1504,15 +1502,6 @@ term_get_fkeys_1 (void)
Character Display Information
/* Avoid name clash with functions defined in xterm.c */
#ifdef static
#define append_glyph append_glyph_term
#define produce_stretch_glyph produce_stretch_glyph_term
#define append_composite_glyph append_composite_glyph_term
#define produce_composite_glyph produce_composite_glyph_term
static void append_glyph (struct it *);
static void produce_stretch_glyph (struct it *);
static void append_composite_glyph (struct it *);
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