Commit 9f6991fd authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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Use match-string.

(gud-menu-map): Re-fix gdb-running to gud-running.
Activate up/down and finish for pdb.
(gud-def): Use backquotes.
(gdb, sdb, dbx, xdb, pdb, jdb, bashdb): Remove redundant menu bindings.
(gud-gdb-complete-in-progress, gud-gdb-complete-string)
(gud-gdb-complete-break, gud-gdb-complete-list):
Rename to gud-gdb-fetch-lines-in-progress, gud-gdb-fetch-lines-string,
gud-gdb-fetch-lines-break and gud-gdb-fetched-lines.
(gud-gdb-fetch-lines-filter): Rename from gud-gdb-complete-filter.
Add a `filter' argument and run it on `string'.
(gud-gdb-run-command-fetch-lines): Use it instead of
gud-gdb-speedbar-stack-filter.  Add a `skip' arg.
Return the fetched lines.
(gud-gdb-complete-command): Use it instead of cooking up
something by hand using gud-gdb-complete-filter.
(gud-gdb-get-stackframe): Use the new calling convention of
(gud-gdb-fetched-stack-frame-list): Remove.
(gud-gdb-speedbar-stack-filter): Remove.
(gud-jdb-marker-filter): Change RE for easier extraction of submatches.
(gud-bashdb-command-name): Add "--debugger" argument here.
(bashdb): Use default gud-find-file and don't bother with
a massage-args function now that --debugger is make explicit.
(gud-bashdb-massage-args, gud-bashdb-find-file): Remove.
(bashdb): Don't provide.
(gud-target-name): New var.
(gud-common-init): Set it.
Also reset gud-running and gud-last-last-frame.
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