Commit 9f6bff44 authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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(hexl-insert-hex-string): New command.

parent 92d2bc08
......@@ -717,6 +717,31 @@ This discards the buffer's undo information."
(error "Hex number out of range")
(hexl-insert-char num arg))))
(defun hexl-insert-hex-string (str arg)
"Insert hexadecimal string STR at point ARG times.
Embedded whitespace, dashes, and periods in the string are ignored."
(interactive "sHex string: \np")
(setq str (replace-regexp-in-string "[- \t.]" "" str))
(let ((chars '()))
(let ((len (length str))
(idx 0))
(if (eq (logand len 1) 1)
(let ((num (hexl-hex-string-to-integer (substring str 0 1))))
(setq chars (cons num chars))
(setq idx 1)))
(while (< idx len)
(let* ((nidx (+ idx 2))
(num (hexl-hex-string-to-integer (substring str idx nidx))))
(setq chars (cons num chars))
(setq idx nidx))))
(setq chars (nreverse chars))
(while (> arg 0)
(let ((chars chars))
(while chars
(hexl-insert-char (car chars) 1)
(setq chars (cdr chars))))
(setq arg (- arg 1)))))
(defun hexl-insert-decimal-char (arg)
"Insert a ASCII char ARG times at point for a given decimal number."
(interactive "p")
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