Commit 9f7a8b5d authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman

(Fdisplay_buffer): Add MULTI_FRAME cond in last change.

parent 70e808bd
......@@ -1852,6 +1852,7 @@ Returns the window displaying BUFFER.")
ignore minibuffers and dedicated windows.
This means they can return nil. */
/* If the frame we would try to split cannot be split,
try other frames. */
if (FRAME_NO_SPLIT_P (NILP (frames) ? selected_frame
......@@ -1866,6 +1867,7 @@ Returns the window displaying BUFFER.")
window = Fget_largest_window (Qt);
window = Fget_largest_window (frames);
/* If we got a tall enough full-width window, split it. */
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